Chairman Message


Rana Shaukat Mahmood

  • Ex Chairman: N.I.R.C As Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Director: Mac Burger Restaurant International (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Director: Model Filling Station Ferozpur Road, Lahore.
  • Bamboo Farms Jallo & Lidhar Adjascent Defence, Lahore.
  • Rana Fruit Forms, Kot Radha Kishan Kasur
  • Ex. Minister Govt. of Punjab
  • Leader of the Opposition: Punjab Assembly Session 1988 - 1990
  • President: Pakistan People Party Punjab
  • Chairman: National Industrial Relations Commission.
    51 - Rana Shaukat Mahmood Road,
    Canal Park, Gulberg II, Lahore
    PH: 5713880 - 5874977 FAX: 5762383

  • Family Pictuer:

    Introducing and describing the Rana Hunting & Luxury Resort at Head Balloki is a source of great personal Satisfaction, achievement and fulfillment. While I sit and undertake the introduction of this 250 Acre Wild Life Park so close to Nature and a Humble effort to conserve Nature and strengthen Eco system of environmental at Circle.
    No one believed that I would succeed in my dream of laying a this vast jungle and filling it with Wild Life in Pakistan. Where Average person is averse to the idea of Green life and Wild Animals. I encountered enormous difficulties but at last succeeded in having my dream. materalise to very near as I dreamt.
    Small Missing portion of my dream would soon be completed when I see the visiting families watching quietly the animals, people roaming on 6 miles of jungle paths, young couples hand in hand, children, running around and old walking slowly and sitting on old rustic wooden Benches of original shapes. Middle aged Couples with a cup of Coffee sitting on a piece of cloth on grass or thick pad of fallen leaves talking of the romance as it is and planning the future of their children or scheming to mature an project of their life time.
    I also see young girls in groups from various institutions on swings, cycling or rowing, Dancing and singing similarly boys from various institutions playing Cricket, Basket ball, Table Tennis, doing walks, All these facilities exist at Rana Resort.
    This portion of my dream is about half realized, only one year after the opening. I shall have my dream completed this winter 2010.
    It was a very difficult task to raise about half a million trees planted and requiring years of hard toil for their growth.
    Building of a Restaurant, Tuck shops, Pathways, laying of or 15 Acres of Park with expensive grass planting thousands of decorative ornamental plants and rearing them, laying path ways under a plan to make the place look good. The efforts have all synchronized perfectly creating an effect of sheer stark beauty of Nature. A moment to ponder hard committed and determined thought fullness.
    Making the Challelts was again a huge experience. I used all the local materials and indigenous wood. Forgetting the talented and renowned Architects, I designed the building and the furniture myself. First I thought it was all a fluke but it turned out that I had gotten the bulls eye.
    With the help of God all Hotch- Potch blended in to one well thought of Mega Project. I have intention of making this a world class project. Better than any in the World.
    Resorts in the world can be divided in three categories.

    1) Sea Resorts Supported by Nature. Heaving quality Sand, Warm clear water. Shelf of the sea and the scenery around. The colour of sea water would determine the quality of resort.
    2) Hill Resorts All Stocked by Nature with Greenery, beauty of mountains and the terrain.
    3) Resorts in the Plains Where in the efforts of human beings are put in to make the Resort beautiful. Rana Resorts falls in the category where all planning and execution is done by humans to make the place pretty. The terrain, the plants, the Greenery is all through human efforts.
    It certainly was no easy task to bring discipline, order and planned execution of the foreseen discipline. Hand planting the Quarter Million trees and raring them with watering for yeas was some assignment.
    To achieve all this with my own resources with out a loan or help from outside is yet another salient feature. I have provided with the help and kindness of God a place for the children, Youth and the old to enjoy Nature from the Direct exposure. Jungle, Animals and thousands of Birds provide a unique blend to make a Natural Gestalt. Yet another important aspect of this resort is gigantic effort to provide oxygen to the starving world through improving the environment. I do not think that any other person single handed with his own Resources have done so much to improve the environment for the future of mankind.